A common question at Land of Grundo is, “How do you use an AC Power Supply with Teddy Ruxpin instead of burning through batteries?”

If you are like me, you have gone through many many C batteries listening to Teddy over the years. It can become very expensive if you are into gizmos & gadgets, so it’s definitely worth looking into a “Battery Eliminator”. It looks like a plastic AA battery with a power cord – and can be inserted into a C Battery-sized spacer, thus eliminating the need for batteries!

Hard-Wired AC Power Supply

Personally, I’m a little weary of soldering a hard-wired AC power supply into Teddy’s battery compartment, or altering the wiring in any way, as seen in this interesting forum post. Best case scenario, you have permanently altered Teddy’s electrical components, and worst case – you burn Teddy or even your house!

Battery Eliminator

With a Battery Eliminator, you don’t have to worry about soldering, or any permanent changes to Teddy’s battery housing. I don’t advise a permanent soldering solution unless you are well practiced in wiring electrical devices.

Batter Spacer

There are also some after-market Teddy Ruxpin “Battery Spacers” available, that are made to fit the 4-C Battery compartment precisely, and do not require soldering or wiring.